About Us

To build the capacities of poor and vulnerable youth and support women  especially women living in rural areas and those recently internally displaced as a result of the Anglophone Crisis; to realize their long term potentials by boosting agricultural productivity to improve the availability of quality food and alleviate poverty. Efeti Ventures a Social Enterprise under the Denis Miki Foundation is an enterprise with goal to create sustainable income generating programs in rural and urban poor communities in Cameroon.

Away from our non-profit Denis Miki Foundation, we launched Efeti Ventures, a social enterprise that aims at advancing youth agricultural entrepreneurship and ICT innovation through the production, processing and marketing organic food including training and coaching to get the youth involved in agribusiness for sustainable livelihoods. The enterprise will also play a model role in the lives of young women and girls from significantly disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds by investing a percentage of its profit to Denis Miki Foundation for early-intervention initiatives to educate and train them. This is to ensure a fairer chance of developing their social, employment/economic and life skills. This helps them adopt positive attitude to their lives, raise their aspirations and realize their full potentials. It is a legally registered enterprise already at a pilot stage and working to develop and be fully established.


Women and Girls Economic Empowerment

The strengthening of the livelihoods of women and girls most especially that of women and girls living in rural communities is a means of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 1 of No Poverty.

Our Micro entrepreneurship and microfinance programs support the financial inclusion and economic empowerment of low-income individuals especially women and girls living in rural areas. Our programs and projects are found in some villages of the Momo Division, North West Region of Cameroon and several others in some of the villages of the Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon.

Our Founder/CEO becomes an Obama Foundation African Leader

Emilia (Emily) Epeti Miki the Founder/CEO of Denis Miki Foundation and Efeti Ventures and the Delegate of the Cameroon National Youth Council, Limbe 1 won the Obama Foundation African Leaders award. She was among the 5 Cameroonians selected out of 200 young Africans. This prestigious award was won thanks to the impact Denis Miki Foundation has had with our work with women, girls, children, boys and men in rural and urban poor communities in Cameroon to drive community development initiatives, capacity building, food security and wealth creation program with an aim to empower community members to become self-sufficient and alleviate poverty. This adds to several awards won by our Founder/CEO like the Mandela Washington Fellowship award by the U.S. Department of State, Queen Young Leaders award by Queen Elizabeth, voted among the 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians and also featured as one of the 100 Young Cameroonians Inspiring Change in Cameroon. As a social entrepreneur, Emily works to reduce poverty through economic empowerment, mentorship and coaching. She currently facilitates capacity building trainings, women and youth empowerment trainings, community and rural development outreach programs. Her works have increased impact substantially and have impacted over 8500 youths, 1500 women and has made it possible for her to receive invitations to consult in the organization of more events like this one.

In July 2018 Emily was selected as one of the 200 young Africans from over 10,000 applicants for the Obama Foundation African Leaders program that brought together 200 emerging leaders from across the continent at Johanessburg, South Africa to explore new ways to take on the biggest challenges in their communities. This convening had President Barack Obama, Former President of the United States host a Town Hall with the 200 Leaders where Emily can be seen in the video asking President Obama a question and which now has her commonly going as “Obama’s niece”.

The convening also brought top leaders like Aliko Dangote, Koffi Annan, Former Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Graça Marshal among several top leading politicians, entrepreneurs, business men and women around the world.